Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Exciting new VIP Voice online surveys

Earn great rewards with VIP Voice surveys


NPDOR has re-launched their panel as VIP Voice! It’s the same great surveys as NPDOR but a brand new name, a great new website and new reward programs just for VIP members!

 VIP Voice is still owned by the NPD Group – a market research company in business since 1967.  They conduct over 12 million surveys in the US and Canada each year.  That’s a lot of survey opportunities and a lot of rewards.

Their surveys cover a range of industries, including footwear, clothing, beauty, automotive, video games and entertainment to name a few.  There’s bound to be surveys that will be interesting for you and will help improve products and services that you use. 

 VIP Voice has great new rewards too! 

 VIP Points – you earn VIP Points for participating in surveys.  When you first join, you start at Level 1 and will get 25 points for your first survey.  After you take your first survey, you will move up to Level 2 and you will then earn 50 points for each survey you take.  It’s easy to move to the next level.  Once you reach level 5, you will earn 200 points for each survey. 

Sweepland – Great sweepstakes all of the time – for example trips, headphones, laptops, CASH!  Use your points to enter the sweepstakes you would like to win.  One point is one entry.  You can even see the sweeps with the most entries and when they are closing.

Bidland – This is pretty exciting!  Great auctions for amazing prizes – for example cruises, bikes, cameras, gift cards!  You decide how many of your VIP Points you are willing to bid on each prize.  New auctions are starting every 30 minutes. You can see previous bids and when the auction is closing. 

Special Offers – VIP Voice offers you discounts for various online purchases just for being a member.  I’ve never seen anything like this from a survey company before.  I love this!  Currently this is only available to members in the US, but hopefully soon it will be for members in Canada as well. 

Join today and you can start winning great rewards AND influencing what products you see in stores! 

Visit SavvySeekers and join the VIP Voice program - for Canadians and Americans.  You can see other great legitimate surveys in Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.  You can also learn more about online survey tips, how much money you can make with online surveys and how to get started

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