Thursday, 29 May 2014

Taking surveys - is it all about the money?

We've all heard results of polls reported on the news and most of us have received phone calls asking us to answer a survey.  You may have even seen a survey on your cash register receipt.  Should you take part in surveys? 

There are many different types of surveys and they may be conducted on behalf of a wide variety of companies, governments, social service agencies, or your favourite loyalty program.  When you sign up for surveys on SavvySeekers you never know what you may be asked about.

Here are a few reasons why you should take part in surveys:

  • Surveys may be conducted on behalf of your government or social service agencies.  They may be doing a study to find out satisfaction level with local schools or hospitals or whether there is a need for a new social service agency in your community.
  • Many companies conduct customer satisfaction surveys.  Are you satisfied with the banking fees you pay?  Did you have trouble with an employee in a store?  This gives you an opportunity to help improve the service you receive from companies and stores you deal with.
  • Your favourite charity may conduct a survey to find out how they can boost donations by asking others what prompted them to donate.
  • Many politicians conduct surveys during elections to determine what topics are most important to voters.  This gives you the opportunity to see how your politician responds to the issues that are important to you. 
  • Companies conduct product tests to improve products or test out a new product idea.  These product tests will give you the opportunity to include features that you would like to have.
  • Is your favourite rewards program missing some key benefits?  You may just get a chance to change that.
And, of course - there's also the rewards.   When you join a survey company and take surveys, your account will build up quickly.  If you join several of the survey companies on SavvySeekers you will maximize how much you earn. You may get lucky and win one of the sweepstakes for a larger amount, $1000, $2500 - there's even an annual sweepstake for $40,000! 

The rewards are great, but there are many reasons to take surveys.  You can make changes that will benefit you.

Don't let other people speak for you - speak up and have your voice heard.  Visit SavvySeekers and start giving your opinion today!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How do I know which survey companies are legitimate survey companies?

That can be a tough one to spot.  There are many companies out there today that know that members of the public want to make a difference with their opinion.  They have been learning from the real survey companies and are saying all of the right things to make it appear that they are legitimate. Let's call these 'fake survey companies'.  They ask you if you want to participate in a 'survey'.  The 'survey' goes like this:  Would you like to earn your next degree online?  Yes/No.  If you choose YES they send you to a site where you can sign up to earn your degree online. You will need to pay if you want to earn your degree online. This is not a real survey, nor is it a real survey company.  Some of these fake survey companies are even willing to pay you for signing up for your degree.  Why is that?  Because they get paid for finding you and getting you to sign up.  That's why they make it look legitimate - to encourage you to sign up.

Legitimate survey companies will NEVER try to sell you anything.  You will never need to get out your credit card or send in a payment.  These fake survey companies have realized that people want to participate in online research and are capitalizing on this by creating 'surveys' that simply ask if you want to buy something.  Please be cautious about these fake survey companies. 

There are many great, legitimate survey companies out there.  MySurvey, Toluna, Harris Poll, VIP Voice to name a few.  All of the surveys listed on are legitimate online surveys.  They will never try to sell you anything.  In fact, they will send YOU great rewards.  Visit today and sign up for legitimate online surveys and start earning great rewards!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Why do surveys ask personal questions?

How much money do you make?  How old are your children?  What is your main financial institution?  Yes, those are very personal questions.  But, legitimate surveys like those found on have a very good reason to ask.

There are standard questions that legitimate survey companies will always ask you - gender, age, income and where you live (city, state, and country). These are pretty important questions for them to have.  Your responses to these questions are used for three reasons:
  1. This information is used to select members to participate in surveys. If a survey is looking for women 25-34, they will use this information to select women 25-34 to receive the survey invitation. This reduces the number of people who will try to take a survey, but won't be able to finish it because they are ineligible.
  2. Samples need to be representative of the population they are interested in. They need to ensure that their respondents match the population. So if 25% of the population is 18-34, they need to ensure that 25% of the respondents from their surveys are 18-34 as well.  If the respondent breakdown doesn't match the population, their results may not be accurate. 
  3. Results from everyone who answered the survey will be combined. Responses from an individual will never be evaluated on their own. When responses are combined, the demographic information helps clients to describe the results further. For example, they may say that women (25%) are more likely to like a new product than are men (18%).   
Although there may be surveys that ask about which bank you bank with, or what types of credit cards you have, you will never be asked for your account number, credit card number, etc. Legitimate companies, like those on would never ask you for this information.

Rest assured, the questions you are asked by research companies will strictly be used for market research purposes.  You will never be asked to buy anything.

If you are interested in earning cash and other great rewards by responding to surveys, please visit  Sign up with the surveys that you are interested in and make sure you complete your registration by clicking the link in the confirmation email. You can easily unsubscribe any time you like. That's all there is to it.