Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Do you think online surveys are a waste of your time?

Well, we may not be able to change your mind about that one, but here are some things to think about:

1)  You can make a real difference with your opinion.  Top brands from all over the world conduct market research to improve products and services that you and your household use every day.  I called into a customer service department yesterday to get some information.  Today I got a phone survey about the service I received.  I responded to the survey and told them how I thought they could make the experience better.  I don't know about you, but I have lots of opinions on how things could be improved.  I'm sure I am not alone on my opinions.  Market research surveys are a great way to make suggestions that can benefit everyone.

2)  Maybe you don't need an extra few dollars - but how about donating those dollars to charity?  Many survey companies have an option to send your rewards to charity.  It's the same process as receiving the cheque yourself.  You take surveys and once your account reaches the redemption level, you select the charitable donation option.  The donation is sent by the survey company in your name and will be combined with all of the other members' donations.  Together you can make a big difference by taking free online surveys. 

3)  There are other ways to make larger amounts with online surveys. Many online surveys also have draws or sweepstakes for larger cash amounts.  Amounts range from $100 to $40,000!  Plus, survey companies recruit survey members to participate in focus groups - and focus groups often pay $75-$200.  Maybe that survey for $1 may not be worth your time, but by participating you may be eligible to win a much bigger amount.

Visit SavvySeekers.com to see the list of legitimate online surveys that will pay you for your opinion!

How can I donate to charity for free?

It's easy to donate to charity for free!  There are a lot of online survey companies that give you the option of donating your rewards to charity.  This is a great way to make a huge difference with the money you earn by taking online surveys. 

Just scroll through the list of online survey companies on SavvySeekers.com and look for the survey companies with Charity as a Reward option.  With all of these survey companies you can donate to charity for taking surveys rather than receiving the cheque yourself.  You are making a difference and it doesn't cost you anything. 

If you think that you will not make much money taking online surveys, as a charitable donation your donation will be combined with all others who have chosen this option.  Together with other survey takers you can help out in a big way!  It's easy and it's free!

Look through the online survey companies on SavvySeekers.com today and start donating to great charities!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

What is the Ipsos i-Say Poll Predictor Game?

What is the Ipsos i-Say Poll Predictor Game?

The Ipsos i-Say Poll Predictor Game is a fun way to enter bonus draws for great prizes.  The object of the game is to guess what percent of people answered YES to a particular question.  You earn entries to bonus draws based on how close your answer is to the actual answer. 

It's easy to play.  At the end of each survey, you will be asked whether you want to PLAY NOW. Answer YES and you will be directed to the game. You will be asked to guess what percent of people responded YES to a question. For example, 'What percent of men answered YES to the question 'Have you ever seen an accident?'  Or 'What percent of Canadian women answered YES to 'Are you a sports fan?' Slide the bar to indicate your response.  The actual percent will be displayed and you will receive draw entries based on how close your guess was to the actual answer.  The closer your guess is to the actual answer, the more entries you will receive.  The current draws will be displayed and you can put your entries into whichever draws you would like to win.  Each month there will be four prizes and one will be awarded each week.  The prizes will change each week, but this week's prizes are a Tissot watch, an Apple iPad, a Weber grill and a Blu-Ray Home Theater. You can spread your entries out or use them all for one prize. The choice is yours!  

You can play the Poll Predictor game at the end of surveys.  You get to play regardless of whether the survey offers points (equivalent to cash) or a draw/sweepstakes.  You also get to play if you don't qualify for the survey.  Once you are a member of the i-Say Panel, you can play anytime without taking a survey first.  Just visit the Poll Prediector rules page for the link.

The Poll Predictor Game doesn't work on iPads and iPhones.  If you want to play, you will need to take i-Say surveys on a PC or laptop. 

The i-Say Poll Predictor Game is a great way to earn even more for your opinion.  Visit SavvySeekers.com to join the i-Say Panel and start earning great rewards!

How do I sign up for Product Tests?

How do I sign up for Product Tests?

Many online survey companies are selecting participants for Product Tests from their online survey members.  It really does make sense - they have a lot of demographic information on their members.  They can also give them online surveys to ask them about the products they are testing.  Not only that, but online survey companies value their members.  Participating in product tests is a great way to earn extra cash and online survey companies would rather give extra cash to its members. 

What types of products can be tested? 

Product tests can cover a whole variety of products. I have seen product tests for cereal, hair colour, cleaning products, coffee makers, and even a washing machine! 

Will I have to pay anything to do a product test?

Absolutely not!  The online surveys on SavvySeekers.com would never ask you to pay anything to test one of their products.  The online survey company will cover all costs associated with the test and will give you a cash reward for participating.  In some cases you will also get to keep the product.  This will depend on what it is.  If you are testing a new product that is in design mode, you may not get to keep it.  If you are testing a product that is already on the market, you will most likely get to keep the product. 

If you are interested in participating in product tests, sign up for online surveys at SavvySeekers.com.  Once you have signed up, don't forget to click the link in the confirmation email to complete your registration and start earning rewards!

Can you really make a lot of money taking online surveys?

The real answer is no.  You cannot make a lot of money taking online surveys.  Of course, the more surveys you take, the more money you can earn.  The number of surveys you will be invited to participate in will depend upon how closely your household demographics match those required by the surveys. 

Although the cash reward may not seem like a lot, you may also get lucky and win a bigger cash prize for participating in surveys. Most of the surveys we list on www.savvyseekers.com have cash draws/sweepstakes.  There are weekly draws, monthly draws and large annual draws - even $40,000!

As more and more clients start sending online surveys, there are more and more ways to earn extra cash.  For example, last week I took a survey for $1.50.  Now $1.50 may not seem like a lot of money, but I had some extra time and my survey account balance was building up.  Each survey gets you closer to the redemption level.  Not only that but, at the end of the survey it said that the client may have additional questions for me.  If so, would I be willing to receive a telephone call with some follow-up questions.  I would be paid $25 if I was called.  Now, that $1.50 survey turned into a potential $26.50. 

I have also seen several surveys that asked if I would like to participate in focus groups.  Sometimes they ask you if you would like to participate in focus groups during the registration and sometimes it is at the end of different surveys.  Watch out for this question - focus groups are a great experience and a great way to earn extra cash.  Here is more information about how to earn money with focus groups.

There are many different ways to earn cash with online surveys.  Even the surveys that don't appear to pay very much could turn into a larger amount - you just never know! 

If you have some free time and are interested in taking online surveys, you can definitely earn a bit of extra money.  I like to save mine and redeem for a special treat for my family. 

Visit SavvySeekers surveys for Americans or SavvySeekers surveys for Canadians or SavvySeekers Surveys for Britains or SavvySeekers Survey for Irish or SavvySeekers Surveys for Australians or SavvySeekers Surveys for New Zealanders to start earning great rewards today!