Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Why should you take online surveys from cash register receipts?

Are online surveys worth your time?  Personally, I think so.  My favourite type of survey to take are the ones found on cash register receipts.  Many stores and restaurants have them - from Home Depot to the Olive Garden!  Some give away a sweepstakes entry for participating and some give away a free appetizer or dessert. The surveys are typically very short and will only take a few minutes to complete. 

Why should you fill out online surveys?

Well, if you actually shopped in one of these stores or ate in one of these restaurants, why not tell them how your experience was?  If your experience was good or bad, they should know about it.  If your experience was good, the manager should find out about that so he/she can know their staff is doing a good job and the staff may be rewarded for their performance.  If the experience wasn't good, the manager should know this information so that they can make things better.  This can affect you - if you go back to the store or restaurant, you may have a better experience. 

Many online surveys ask if you would like the information passed to the manager and if you would like the manager to contact you.  This is a good way to explain in more detail what the issue was and also to be sure that your feedback is being passed along to the person responsible.  Not only that, but the manager may take the opportunity to thank you with a special gift.  My brother did a restaurant survey from his cash receipt and the manager contacted him.  They were pleased with his feedback and even sent him a gift card for his next visit.  That was certainly worth his time to pass along the details of his experience. I'm not saying this will happen all of the time, but your feedback can improve things and it may also reward deserving employees.

Are online surveys worthwhile? I absolutely think they are.

At SavvySeekers, we are market researchers that want to help members of the public have a positive experience with online surveys.  We post legitimate online surveys that will keep your information confidential, they won't send you spam, they won't try to sell you anything and they will send the rewards they promise.  We'll tell you the truth - you won't earn a living taking online surveys, but you may make enough for the occasional night out or trip to the spa.  Some surveys offer sweepstakes for larger rewards so you may just get lucky and win one of them.  Don't forget to LIKE us on Facebook to get all of the latest tips and online surveys.

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