Tuesday, 11 June 2013

How can I donate to charity for free?

It's easy to donate to charity for free!  There are a lot of online survey companies that give you the option of donating your rewards to charity.  This is a great way to make a huge difference with the money you earn by taking online surveys. 

Just scroll through the list of online survey companies on SavvySeekers.com and look for the survey companies with Charity as a Reward option.  With all of these survey companies you can donate to charity for taking surveys rather than receiving the cheque yourself.  You are making a difference and it doesn't cost you anything. 

If you think that you will not make much money taking online surveys, as a charitable donation your donation will be combined with all others who have chosen this option.  Together with other survey takers you can help out in a big way!  It's easy and it's free!

Look through the online survey companies on SavvySeekers.com today and start donating to great charities!


  1. Donation is good thing for us. If we want to help some deprived person then donation is vital task.This is really great way that you mention in this post to involve in charity activity.

    Knights of Columbus Carl Anderson

  2. Thanks for your comment. With money tight for all of us, it's a great way to donate. We're trying to spread the message.