Saturday, 1 June 2013

Can you really make a lot of money taking online surveys?

The real answer is no.  You cannot make a lot of money taking online surveys.  Of course, the more surveys you take, the more money you can earn.  The number of surveys you will be invited to participate in will depend upon how closely your household demographics match those required by the surveys. 

Although the cash reward may not seem like a lot, you may also get lucky and win a bigger cash prize for participating in surveys. Most of the surveys we list on have cash draws/sweepstakes.  There are weekly draws, monthly draws and large annual draws - even $40,000!

As more and more clients start sending online surveys, there are more and more ways to earn extra cash.  For example, last week I took a survey for $1.50.  Now $1.50 may not seem like a lot of money, but I had some extra time and my survey account balance was building up.  Each survey gets you closer to the redemption level.  Not only that but, at the end of the survey it said that the client may have additional questions for me.  If so, would I be willing to receive a telephone call with some follow-up questions.  I would be paid $25 if I was called.  Now, that $1.50 survey turned into a potential $26.50. 

I have also seen several surveys that asked if I would like to participate in focus groups.  Sometimes they ask you if you would like to participate in focus groups during the registration and sometimes it is at the end of different surveys.  Watch out for this question - focus groups are a great experience and a great way to earn extra cash.  Here is more information about how to earn money with focus groups.

There are many different ways to earn cash with online surveys.  Even the surveys that don't appear to pay very much could turn into a larger amount - you just never know! 

If you have some free time and are interested in taking online surveys, you can definitely earn a bit of extra money.  I like to save mine and redeem for a special treat for my family. 

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