Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Top 5 things you should know to have a rewarding online survey experience!

We are market research professionals and if there’s one thing we know – it’s legitimate online surveys.  There are plenty of companies that try to make you think they are legitimate market research companies.  At www.savvyseekers.com we can help you know which are and which are not.

Here are some online survey tips you should know:

  1. You don’t need to pay anything to take online surveys.  You don’t need to pay to join or receive your rewards – so please don’t.  Sign up with us or do some Googling and you’ll find online surveys to join for free.  You’ll be earning rewards before you know it.
  2. You can’t earn a living and you won’t get rich taking online surveys.  You may earn enough to have a movie night or the occasional dinner out.  If you’re lucky, you may win a larger prize.  Please don’t believe the websites that tell you you can live off of your earnings from taking surveys.  That’s just not true.
  3. Check your email often for survey invitations.  Don't wait too long to participate.   Some surveys will fill up quickly because sometimes they are only looking for a certain number of participants.  Take as many free surveys as you can.  This will help you earn even more!
  4. Some surveys are for people with certain demographics – it may be based on where you live, your gender or whether you have bought dishwasher tablets in the past month.  It’s annoying to be ‘screened’ out of a survey, but keep trying and we’re sure you will qualify for one soon.
  5. Answer the questions honestly.  Most market research companies have quality control processes in place.  They may compare your responses across different surveys or check how long it took you to complete the survey.  Companies are willing to reward you for your time, but let’s be fair to them too.
We have more information about taking legitimate online surveys on http://www.savvyseekers.com/.  You can learn how the sign up process works, what's next once you have joined free online surveys and how much money you can make taking online surveys. 

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