Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Why should you take online surveys?

Have you always wondered about taking online surveys? We’ve got some information that will answer any questions you have!

Why should you take online surveys?

Market Research companies need consumer feedback for their clients.  These clients may be launching a new product or service, or they may require feedback on their current products or services.  The bottom line is that they need consumers like you to give honest opinions, and in exchange for taking their online surveys, you will receive REWARDS.

The rewards will vary depending upon the survey company.  The rewards may be cash, gift cards, points programs, draws/sweepstakes or other prizes. Most companies will give an individual reward for taking each survey and will also offer draws/sweepstakes at various times of the year.  Sometimes the draws are small monthly draws, for example $1000, but there are also much larger annual prizes - $40,000!  At www.savvyseekers.com we know a lot about online surveys and we list the rewards beside each survey company so you can select the companies with the rewards you would like to earn.  Also, when you are emailed the survey link, you are typically given the length of the survey and the reward.  It's up to you to decide which surveys to participate in.  But remember - the more surveys you take, the quicker your account will build up!

Online surveys are a WIN-WIN!  You can improve products and services that you and your household use everyday AND you can earn cash and other great rewards just for taking free online surveys. 

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