Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Should I give my personal details to online survey companies?

Should I give my personal details to online survey companies?

If you are signing up with legitimate free surveys, like the surveys listed on, you should give them your personal details.  Here's why:

  • Your contact details will be used to email online surveys to you.  In fact, they won't email you surveys to take unless you click the confirmation link that they will email to you.
  • Details of you and your household will be used to send you surveys that will be applicable to you.  For example, you won't be emailed a survey about diapers if you don't have a baby in your household.  This means that you will be available for surveys that you will be more likely to qualify for. 
  • Many survey companies have quality checks in place.  They may catch discrepancies in your responses across different surveys. You wouldn't want to stop receiving surveys or lose the points you have earned because they are questioning your responses. It's always easiest to answer the truth. 
And the main reason - Your name and address will be used to send you any rewards that you have earned!

Sign up with the legitimate online surveys on and your information will be kept confidential.  All of the companies listed belong to Market Research Associations and abide by privacy and confidentiality regulations.  We cannot say whether online surveys on other sites are legitimate, but we're happy to help you if we can.

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