Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How do I know which survey companies are legitimate survey companies?

That can be a tough one to spot.  There are many companies out there today that know that members of the public want to make a difference with their opinion.  They have been learning from the real survey companies and are saying all of the right things to make it appear that they are legitimate. Let's call these 'fake survey companies'.  They ask you if you want to participate in a 'survey'.  The 'survey' goes like this:  Would you like to earn your next degree online?  Yes/No.  If you choose YES they send you to a site where you can sign up to earn your degree online. You will need to pay if you want to earn your degree online. This is not a real survey, nor is it a real survey company.  Some of these fake survey companies are even willing to pay you for signing up for your degree.  Why is that?  Because they get paid for finding you and getting you to sign up.  That's why they make it look legitimate - to encourage you to sign up.

Legitimate survey companies will NEVER try to sell you anything.  You will never need to get out your credit card or send in a payment.  These fake survey companies have realized that people want to participate in online research and are capitalizing on this by creating 'surveys' that simply ask if you want to buy something.  Please be cautious about these fake survey companies. 

There are many great, legitimate survey companies out there.  MySurvey, Toluna, Harris Poll, VIP Voice to name a few.  All of the surveys listed on SavvySeekers.com are legitimate online surveys.  They will never try to sell you anything.  In fact, they will send YOU great rewards.  Visit SavvySeekers.com today and sign up for legitimate online surveys and start earning great rewards!

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