Monday, 20 January 2014

When you join an online survey how long do you have to sign up for?

That's an easy one - you are signing up for as long as YOU want.  So if you join one day and change your mind, you are free to unsubscribe.  The legitimate survey companies, like those on will remove you as soon as you request to be removed.  It may take a few business days, but they will remove you as soon as possible.  Unsubscribe links will be found on every email you receive and on the survey website.  Just look for the link and follow the steps that appear.  It will be very easy to unsubscribe. 

Chances are though, once you see your rewards build up, you won't want to unsubscribe.  Your account will start building with the first survey you take.  Most survey companies will have an online portal that will allow you to check your account balance.  You can also check to see how much you need to have in your account before you can request your payment.  Some start as little as $10. 

Our favourite companies that will give you the opportunity to build your account quickly are MySurvey, Ipsos I-Say, Angus Reid Forum/Springboard America, Toluna and VIP Voice.  You can find them here:
For Canadians - SavvySeekers' surveys for Canadians
For Americans - SavvySeekers' surveys for Americans

Since there is no long term commitment for these survey panels why not give them a try?  Click the links to join and start earning your rewards TODAY!

At SavvySeekers, we are market researchers that want to help members of the public have a positive experience with online surveys.  We post legitimate online surveys that will keep your information confidential, they won't send you spam, they won't try to sell you anything and they will send the rewards they promise.  We'll tell you the truth - you won't earn a living taking online surveys, but you may make enough for the occasional night out or trip to the spa.  Some surveys offer sweepstakes for larger rewards so you may just get lucky and win one of them.  Don't forget to LIKE us on Facebook to get all of the latest tips and online surveys.

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